Professors and Associate Professors

Name Title Job responsibilities Phone E-mail
Abrahamson, Peter Associate professor Comparative welfare systems, social policy, labor market policies, European Union, Latin America, East Asia +45 353-23941 E-mail
Andersen, Søren Kaj Head of centre Collective bargaining rounds in the private sector; labour migration/foreign workers; labour market organisations +45 353-23269 E-mail
Arnholtz, Jens Associate professor Labour migration/foreign workers; EU-level labour market regulation +45 353-23214 E-mail
Baarts, Charlotte Associate professor, head of studies Knowledge production, Sociology of Science, Ekspertice, Learning, Sociology of education, Research-based learning, Risk, Autoethnography, Ethnography, Qualitative methods +45 353-23298 E-mail
Blok, Anders Associate professor Associate Professor, 'Head of CEVES' +45 353-23577 E-mail
Bruun, Hans Henrik Affiliate Professor Max Weber; methodology; sociology and international relations +45 353-23947 E-mail
Carleheden, Mikael Associate professor Social theory, Theory of science +45 353-23286 E-mail
Christensen, Hilda Rømer Associate professor Gender, Gender equality, Gender dimensioning, China, Globalization, Welfare, Innovation +45 353-23943 E-mail
Demant, Jakob Johan Associate professor Youth, alcohol and drug research, criminality, mixed methods, focus groups, cultural sociology, cryptomarkets, Prevention, Situational crime prevention, Criminology +45 353-21584 E-mail
Doerr, Nicole Associate professor Democracy, Deliberation, Culture, Participation, Gender, Intersectionality, Transnational and Global Sociology, Migration, Linguistic Diversity, Transnational Social Movements, LGBT Rights Coalitions, Social Media, Political Sociology, Comparison, U.S./EU, Right Wing Populism, Visual Methods +45 353-35057 E-mail
Halkier, Bente Professor, Head of PhD programme Consumption, contestation of food, everyday life practices, qualitative methods +45 353-35044 E-mail
Hansen, Janus Head of Department Governance, Expertise, Science and Technology, Risk, Public Participation, Biotechnology +45 353-36937 E-mail
Hansen, Nana Wesley Associate professor Collective bargaining rounds in the public sector; public sector cooperation and negotiation at local level; labour migration/foreign workers +45 353-23444 E-mail
Ibsen, Christian Lyhne Associate professor Leave. +45 353-23904 E-mail
Ilsøe, Anna Associate professor Private sector collective agreements at local level; management-employee cooperation - private sector; working hours; labour market organisations +45 353-23212 E-mail
Jensen, Carsten Strøby Associate professor Labour Market, employment relations, industrial relations, European Community and integration theory, political sociology +45 353-23944 E-mail
Järvinen, Margaretha Professor Marginalized groups, alcohol and drug research, sociological theory, qualitative methods +45 353-23274 E-mail
Jæger, Mads Meier Professor Social mobility, social inequality, econometrics, education, cultural consumption, rational choice, physical attractiveness +45 353-23284 E-mail
Jørgensen, Sune Lehmann Affiliate Professor Social data science   E-mail
Karlson, Kristian Bernt Associate professor Educational stratification, social mobility, quantitative methods +45 353-21588 E-mail
Larsen, Jørgen Elm Associate professor Social policy, poverty, marginalization, social exclusion and activation +45 353-23266 E-mail
Larsen, Trine Pernille Associate professor EU-level labour market regulation; elderly and family policies; shop stewards; labour market segmentation +45 353-24514 E-mail
Liebst, Lasse Suonperä Associate professor Associate Professor   E-mail
Lindegaard, Marie Rosenkrantz Associate professor +45 353-31907 E-mail
Mailand, Mikkel Research manager Collective bargaining rounds in the public sector; tripartite cooperation in employment policy and other polciy areas; EU-level labour market regulation; non-standard employment +45 353-23277 E-mail
Maxwell, Claire Professor Sociology of education, elites and elite education, internationalisation of education, social justice in privileging space +45 353-27411 E-mail
Navrbjerg, Steen Erik Associate professor Management-employee cooperation and negotiation - private and public sector; the impact of multinational corporations on negotiation and cooperation; shop stewards and health & safety representatives; local unions +45 353-23279 E-mail
Nielsen, Mathias Wullum Associate professor Associate Professor   E-mail
Pedersen, Inge Kryger Associate professor Social Theory, Sociology of Health, Knowledge, Expertise, Body and Culture. +45 353-23229 E-mail
Poder, Poul Associate professor Sociological Theory, Sociology of emotions, Conflict and Violence, Organizational Sociology, social suffering and care, empowerment, organizational change, assessment culture, Positive Organizational Scholarship, Courage, Zygmunt Bauman and Randall Collins +45 353-23946 E-mail
Schaeffer, Merlin Associate professor Immigration, Ethnic stratification, Political sociology, Quantitative methods +45 353-31692 E-mail
Swider, Sarah Christine Associate professor +45 353-33318 E-mail