Claire Maxwell

Claire Maxwell


Member of:

    Office hours - autumn semester 22: Mondays: 12-12.30

    Primary fields of research

    • Sociology of education
    • Globally mobile professionals / the global middle classes
    • Elites and elite education
    • Internationalisation of education
    • Social justice in privileging spaces

    Current research

    1. SkillsINCORP - redefining incorporation of high-skilled professionals

    Mobility of skills across borders is not frictionless.  Yet, increasingly economies need highly-skilled professionals to be mobile to fill critical gaps.  So how can we ensure that companies and broader society are able to fully realise the potential contributions these people can bring?

    This project will examine the processes that affect how international high-skilled professionals experience taking up their new roles in Danish companies.  To what extent is their expertise drawn on, are all their skills and experiences transferred into their new jobs, how do they become a core part of the business, and what makes them stay?

    Simultaneously we will follow professionals and their families’ experiences of moving into new social and residential communities.  This will allow us to untangle how processes of skills and social incorporation are inter-connected.

    This will be the first study to research the perspectives of high-skilled professionals, their partners and children, as well as their employers together.

    Independent Research Fund Denmark [Oct 2022 to Sept 2025]

    2. Project Onboard Denmark - innovating onboarding of international specialist in Danish SMEs

    Drawing on new research and collation of previous evidence, the team lead by a university researcher, and comprised of independent leadership and diversity & inclusion consultants, as well as business development organizations, will develop, test and review a series of onboarding tools to facilitate the recruitment, onboarding and retention of international specialists in Denmark.  The project targets small and medium-sized enterprises in Denmark.

    Innovation Fund Denmark – Grand Solutions GS20-3 [April 2021- January 2024]

    3. Mobilities & belonging of high-skilled professional families

    Drawing on, to date, six different studies, focusing on globally mobile families living in various parts of the world – we examine school choices, identification with a ‘home’ nation, narratives of global citizenship, imagined future trajectories, and the accumulation and transferability of capitals across transnational and also national spaces.

    Funding from: Israeli Science Foundation 222/20 International Collaborator working with Professor Miri Yemini [Octoer 2020-October 2023] & British Association of Comparative and International Education [2018-2019]

    Selected key publications to emerge so far:

    Maxwell. C., Yemini, M. & Bach, K. (2021) Nurturing Mobilities. Family Travel in the 21st Century. London: Routledge.

    Yemini, M., Maxwell, C., Koh, A., Tucker, K., Barrenechea, I. & Beech, J. (2020) ‘Mobile nationalism: parenting and articulations of belonging among globally mobile professionals’, Sociology, 54(6):1212-1229.

    Maxwell, C. & Yemini. M. (2019) ‘Modalities of cosmopolitanism and mobility: parental education strategies of global, immigrant and local middle-class Israelis’, Discourse: Studies in the Cultural Politics of Education, 40(5): 616-632.

    ID: 201662750