Mathias Wullum Nielsen

Mathias Wullum Nielsen

Associate Professor

My research interests fall within the sociology science, including issues of social stratification and gender diversity in science. I am currently leading two research projects on social stratification in science funded by the Independent Research Fund Denmark and the Carlsberg Foundation. My research has been featured in international news outlets such as the New Yorker, Forbes, Scientific American, Times Higher Education, Nature Careers, and World Economic Forum.

I teach courses in 'Knowledge, Organisation and Politics' (BA-level) and 'Advanced Knowledge, Organisation and Politics' (MA-level).

Key Publications:

  • Nielsen, M. W., & Andersen, J. P. (2021). Global citation inequality is on the rise. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 118(7).
  • Nielsen, M. W., Baker, C. F., Brady, E., Petersen, M. B., & Andersen, J. P. (2021). Meta-Research: Weak evidence of country-and institution-related status bias in the peer review of abstracts. Elife, 10, e64561.
  • Andersen, J. P., Nielsen, M. W., Simone, N. L., Lewiss, R. E., & Jagsi, R. (2020). Meta-Research: COVID-19 medical papers have fewer women first authors than expected. Elife, 9, e58807.
  • Andersen, J. P., Schneider, J. W., Jagsi, R., & Nielsen, M. W. (2019). Gender variations in citation distributions in medicine are very small and due to self-citation and journal prestige. eLife, 8, e45374.
  • Nielsen, M. W, & Börjeson, L. (2019). Gender diversity in the management field: Does it matter for research outcomes? Research Policy 48, (7), 1617-1632.
  • Nielsen, M. W., Bloch, C. W., Schiebinger, L. (2018). Making gender diversity work for scientific discovery and innovation. Nature Human Behaviour 2, 726–734.
  • Nielsen, M. W., Andersen, J. P., Schiebinger, L., & Schneider, J. W. (2017). One and a half million medical papers reveal a link between author gender and attention to gender and sex analysis. Nature Human Behaviour1(11), 791-796.
  • Nielsen, M. W., Alegria, S., Börjeson, L., Etzkowitz, H., Falk-Krzesinski, H. J., Joshi, A., ... & Schiebinger, L. (2017). Gender diversity leads to better science. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences114(8), 1740-1742.

Current projects:

  • 3-year research grant from Independent Research Fund Denmark (2020-2022) (DKK 2.859.891). PI. Title:  Knowledge Hierarchies and Gender Stratification in the Social Sciences
  • 3-year “Young Researcher fellowship” from the Carlsberg Foundation (2020-2022) (DKK 4.496.574). PI. Title: Quantifying institutional and country-related Matthew effects in science.

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