Welfare, Inequality and Mobility

The research group organizes researchers working in the three interconnected areas of welfare, inequality, and mobility. Group members study welfare systems in comparative perspective, the distribution of social risks, labor market segmentation, socially marginalized groups, and the transmission of inequality between generations. The group facilitates collaboration among researchers with respect to research projects and funding, it provides the opportunity to share and critically discuss new ideas, and it encourages collaboration between junior and senior staff. The group coordinates and qualifies courses offered as part of the MA specialisation in Welfare, Inequality, and Mobility.

Members of the research group Welfare, Inequality and Mobility

Name Title Phone E-mail
Anne Sofie Tegner Anker PhD student +45 42 72 68 78 E-mail
Carsten Strøby Jensen Associate professor +45 353-23944 E-mail
Jørgen Elm Larsen Associate professor +45 353-23266 E-mail
Kristian Bernt Karlson Associate professor +45 353-21588 E-mail
Merlin Schaeffer Associate professor +45 353-31692 E-mail
Mikkel Mailand Research manager +45 353-23277 E-mail
Peter Abrahamson Associate professor +45 353-23941 E-mail
Trine Pernille Larsen Associate professor +45 353-24514 E-mail