Knowledge, Organization and Politics

This research group organizes researchers working within sociology of knowledge, science, gender, work, organization, and politics. Drawing on a variety of methods and theories, members of the group study how society is organized and governed, as well as how knowledge and power come to be related in specific social settings, including transnationally. The group facilitates discussions and inspires collaboration on concrete research projects within and across these domains, and serves to coordinate and qualify courses offered as part of the MA specialization in Knowledge, Organization and Politics.

Members of the research group Knowledge, Organization and Politics

Name Title Phone E-mail
Anders Blok Associate professor +45 353-23577 E-mail
Anna Ilsøe Associate professor +45 353-23212 E-mail
Charlotte Baarts Associate professor, head of studies +45 353-23298 E-mail
Heine Andersen Professor emeritus +45 353-23296 E-mail
Hilda Rømer Christensen Associate professor +45 353-23943 E-mail
Hjalmar Alexander Bang Carlsen Postdoc +45 81 93 62 71 E-mail
Inge Kryger Pedersen Associate professor +45 353-23229 E-mail
Janus Hansen Associate professor +45 353-36937 E-mail
Jens Arnholtz Associate professor +45 353-23214 E-mail
Kim Sune Karrasch Jepsen PhD Fellow +45 353-35380 E-mail
Margareta Bertilsson Professor emeritus +45 353-23275 E-mail
Mikael Carleheden Associate professor +45 353-23286 E-mail
Nana Wesley Hansen Associate professor +45 353-23444 E-mail
Steen Erik Navrbjerg Associate professor +45 353-23279 E-mail
Søren Kaj Andersen Head of centre +45 353-23269 E-mail
Yosef Kamal Ibssa Part-time lecturer +45 353-24502 E-mail