Culture and Civil Society

The research group Culture and Civil Society organise researchers interested in sociological questions of culture and civil society. Empirically, we examine topics such as contested uses of public space; organization of leisure lifestyles; subcultural and delinquent behaviour; violence and aggression; cultural segregation; and criminal activities. We furthermore engage in theoretical investigations into topics of embodiment and sexuality, and different modes of politicisation of civil society. The aim of the group is to facilitate discussion and inspire collaboration in the mentioned areas of research.

We have particular interest in producing a sociology that links theory and research to concrete interventions into social life. The group facilitates collaboration among researchers with respect to research projects and funding, it provides the opportunity to share and critically discuss new ideas, and it encourages collaboration between junior and senior staff. The group coordinate and qualify courses offered as part of the MA specialisation in Culture, Lifestyle and Everyday Life.

Research Coordinator: Poul Poder.

Members of the research group Culture and Civil Society

Name Title Phone E-mail
Allan Michael Madsen Associate professor emeritus +45 353-23283 E-mail
Bente Halkier Professor, Head of PhD programme +45 353-35044 E-mail
Charlotte Bloch Associate professor emeritus +45 353-23236 E-mail
Claire Maxwell Professor +45 353-27411 E-mail
Jakob Johan Demant Associate professor +45 353-21584 E-mail
Lasse Suonperä Liebst Assistant professor   E-mail
Marie Rosenkrantz Lindegaard Associate professor +45 353-31907 E-mail
Mikael Carleheden Associate professor +45 353-23286 E-mail
Morten Wendler Jørgensen PhD fellow   E-mail
Nicole Doerr Associate professor +45 353-35057 E-mail
Noa Milman Marie Curie Fellow +45 353-28015 E-mail
Peter Gundelach Professor emeritus +45 353-23285 E-mail
Poul Poder Associate professor +45 353-23946 E-mail
Sidsel Kirstine Harder PhD Fellow +45 353-32646 E-mail
Silje Anderdal Bakken PhD Fellow +45 353-34706 E-mail
Sofie Henze-Pedersen PhD fellow +45 353-36139 E-mail
Yvonne Due Billing Associate professor emeritus   E-mail