Research Centres

Employment Relations Research Centre (FAOS) 

FAOS focuses on studies of the labour market, industrial relations and, in recent years, employment relations from Danish, Nordic and European perspectives. 

Coordination for Gender Research in Denmark

Coordination for Gender Research in Denmark is tasked with initiating, internationalising and disseminating gender research. It functions as an important hub between universities and national and transnational institutions and organisations.    

Centre for the Sociological Study of Science, Expertise and Society

CEVES provides researchers in the sociology of science and expertise with an engaged research environment, and hosts a variety of public talks and research seminars as well as courses and study groups related to ongoing research at the Centre.

Centre for Anthropological, Political and Social Theory (CAPS)

CAPS has as its primary goal to facilitate and promote theoretical research, debate and reflection in the social sciences and humanities.

Copenhagen Centre for Social Data Science (SODAS)

SODAS will serve as the basis for a dedicated interdisciplinary social scientific agenda in education and research. SODAS will serve as SAMF’s contact point and active partner for the outside world.