The Social Mobility of Siblings in Comparative Perspective (the SIBMOB project)

This project examines the social class mobility of siblings in more than ten countries with the hope of better understanding why some countries or more socially mobile than others.

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How come some siblings from the same family end up in different social class positions? This is a question that has yet to be fully answered by sociologists.

The EU-funded SIBMOB project will conduct a large-scale comparative study to review the class mobility of siblings. It will provide a novel statistical approach to analysing these family types. Specifically, it will identify how class mobility is generated and why societies differ in their class mobility patterns. It will furnish sociologists with a widely applicable statistical approach to such analysis, including describing how and explaining why they differ both within and between countries. The project will apply its novel approach to data on siblings born during the 20th century in 10 countries.

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Education and Social Fluidity: A Reweighting Approach - Kristian Bernt Karlsson - Sociological Science, February 2022




The project consists of Project PI Associate Professor Kristian Bernt Karlson, research postdocs Dongjie Wu and Jesper Fels Birkelund and research assistant Serena Chow. 

The project’s advisory board consists of Florencia Torche (Stanford University), Carina Mood (Stockholm University), Irena Kogan (Mannheim University), Herman van der Werfhorst (Amsterdam University), Richard Breen (Oxford University), and Jacque Hagenaars (Tilburg University).











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Dongjie Wu Postdoc   E-mail
Jesper Fels Birkelund Postdoc +4535330624 E-mail
Kristian Bernt Karlson Associate Professor - Promotion Programme +4535321588 E-mail

Funded by:

ERC starting grant

SIBMOB is funded by European Research Council (ERC Starting Grant).

Project: Social Class Mobility in Comparative Perspective: Bringing Siblings In (SIBMOB)
Period:  1/2-2021 – 31/1-2026


Kristian Bernt Karlson
Department of Sociology
Telefon: 35 32 15 88

External researchers (scientific advisory board):

Name Title
Florencia Torche Professor at Stanford University
Irena Kogan Professor at University Mannheim
Carina Mood Professor at Stockholm University
Jacques Hagenaars Professor at Tilburg University
Herman van de Werfhorst Professor at University of Amsterdam
Richard Breen Professor at University of Oxford