Exchange student 

If you are an 'Exchange student' you are allowed to study at the Department of Sociology in Copenhagen because the Department or other social science departments at University of Copenhagen have signed a bilateral agreement with your own sociology department. Through these agreements, the respective sociology departments are obliged to accept each other's students for student exchange. The decision about whether you can go to Denmark via an existing exchange agreement is not primarily taken at the Department of Sociology in Copenhagen. The decision is taken by your local Erasmus Coordinator who is responsible for allocating students for your department's various partner universities.

If your department has not signed a bilateral agreement with the Department of Sociology at University of Copenhagen or another social science departments at University of Copenhagen, you cannot apply to study at the Department of Sociology. We do not accept guest students.

Application procedure

Exchange students may apply through one of the following programmes:

  • the Erasmus programme
  • the Nordplus/Nordlys programmes
  • the University of Copenhagen's bilateral agreements with partner universities in eg. North America, Australia and New Zealand

Exchange students must be enrolled at their home university and the home university must hold a bilateral agreement with the University of Copenhagen. Exchange students are enrolled at The Faculty of Social Sciences between 3 and 12 months. Please contact your local Director of Student Exchange to determine whether or not your home university holds a bilateral agreement with the University of Copenhagen.

In order to be nominated officially for exchange studies at the University of Copenhagen, you must contact the departmental or institutional coordinator at your home university. The departmental or institutional coordinator must nominate you via the on-line system of University of Copenhagen. Once you have been nominated, you will receive an invitation to apply on-line.

Deadline for applications:

  • 1 May for entry in September (Fall semester)
  • 1 October for entry in February (Spring semester)

To find out more about the admission procedures and information regarding housing, Danish Language Courses for International Students and so forth, please read more at

As an exchange student you will not need to pay fees in order to attend courses and sign up for exams at University of Copenhagen. You will be enrolled on a 'no fee - no degree' basis. In other words, it is not possible to get a bachelor or master degree from University of Copenhagen. However you will receive an Exam transcript at the end of the semester, which details the individual courses followed and the grades achieved.

Arriving in Copenhagen

Once arrived, there will be a mentor waiting for you (if you so wish). This Danish fellow student will help you on your way the first days in Copenhagen. The mentor will show you your apartment, and make sure that you know how to get a residence permit (if you need it). The mentor will also show you the way to the Department of Sociology. The mentor does this on a purely voluntary basis, and is not paid for his/hers efforts.

The International Office will invite all the international students to an official welcome meeting. It is important that you arrive to Copenhagen in due time so that you do not miss any practical information.

At the Department of Sociology, a short meeting will be organized in which your new professors will present their courses. For practical information about the city of Copenhagen, residence permit, health insurance please visit the International Office's web-page for guest students.

Extension of Stay

If you are enrolled in the University of Copenhagen as an international exchange or guest student, you may apply to extend your enrolment. Note, however, that you cannot be enrolled in the University of Copenhagen as an exchange or guest student for more than two years in total.

Application Procedure for Extension of Admission

If you wish to apply to extend your enrolment, please:

  • Contact your department and apply for extension. At the Department of Sociology you should contact the International Secretary, Katrine Fabricius Dahl, to apply for an extention of your enrolment. If you take courses in more than one department and plan to do so again next semester you need e-mails from all the departments in order to be able to sign up for courses or register for exams. The confirmation must include your name, student ID-number and information about whether you will be using the exchange agreement or not. If you are using an Erasmus agreement and you wish to continue as an Erasmus student within this field and/or other fields, you must get approval of extension from the department in charge of the Erasmus agreement you are using.
  • Contact your home university and get a letter or preferably e-mail stating that you can extend the desired period of study as an exchange/guest student.

When you have gathered all the required documents, forward the letters or e-mails to We will then register your extension in the university’s student database. You will receive an e-mail with notification of your extension from our office.


There is no deadline for extensions, but once you have decided to apply for an extension, it is a good idea to start gathering the documents as soon as possible. Your department might have course or exam registration deadlines you should meet. Please contact your department with questions regarding this.

Student Card

Your current student card will be valid for the next semester when we extend your stay in our database.