Course and Exam registration for international students

Course registration

Course registration takes place from November 15 to December 1 for the Spring semester courses and from May 15 to June 1 for the autumn semester courses.

You are advised to register before the deadline since registration is made on a "first come first serve basis". Should you miss our deadlines, please send an appliation for courses as soon as possible at and we'll help you register.

In the menu at your left hand, you can find the course plans for each semester. 

International students register for courses by filling out the course registration form (see the box at your right) and mailing it to Read more about the procedure on the course registration form.

Please check the timetables for each course you register for and make sure none of your courses overlap. You can find timetables in the course descriptions November 1 for spring courses, and May 1 for autumn courses.

In the course description you can also see if the course finishes with a grade or passed/not passed (no grade). Please note that your home university can have requirements concerning how a course is assessed.

Exam registration

When you are registered at a course you are automatically registered for the exam.

Guest students

The Department of Sociology does no longer admit guest students.