Student life

As an exchange student at sociology, you have numerous opportunities to get involved in the student life, both within the institute of sociology, the Faculty of Social Sciences (CSS) and the University of Copenhagen at large. 

Most of the information you’ll find about the committees and activities will be in Danish, but don’t let that scare you off. Danes speak fairly good English, so if you wish to get involved in the student life, just come along.

In addition, you should remember to keep an eye on the Student Calendar, where you’ll find most of the upcoming activities for sociology students

Committees and activities at sociology

Sociology on facebook

You can stay up-dated on the student life at sociology and communicate with your fellow exchange students, through your semester group on facebook. As a graduate student, you can join the group stud.cand.scient.soc. Moreover, you can follow the news and events of the Department of Sociology through the website of the Department or the Department's Facebook-page.

The Study Board

The Study Board is the central student political organization at sociology, which is open for all students. At the Study Board an elected number of professors and students discuss how the education can be improved to meet the interests of both parts.

If you wish to influence the organization and development of the education, you can participate in the monthly meetings of the Study Board.