Boards and Councils

Study Board

The Department's study programmes are planned and administered by the Study Board, which allocates teaching and supervision between the teaching staff and processes credit transfers and exemption applications. Its members are the Head of Studies, two Academic Staff representatives, and 3 Student representatives.

  • Jakob Johan Demant (academic staff, Chair)
  • Thomas Skelly (student, Vice-Chair)
  • Claire Maxwell (academic staff)
  • Laura Bejder (student)
  • Sanja Jensenius (student)
  • Christine Lütze (student)
  • Sofus Bang (student, alternate)
  • Astrid Thilkjær (student, alternate)
  • Peter Abrahamson (academic staff, alternate)
  • Kristian Bernt Karlson (academic staff, alternate)

Secretary: Tea Malthesen:

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Research Committee

The Research Committee's members are the Head of Department and the Research group coordinators.
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Collaboration Committee

The Collaboration Committee is a forum for information and discussion between management and staff and aims at optimizing staff involvement in the development of the workplace. Its members are the Head of Department, Department Administrator, an Academic Staff representative, a PhD representative, an Administrative Staff representative and a Union representative.


Secretary: Jan Andersen

Employer Panel

The Employer Panel consists of employer representatives and act as a advisor for the Department on issues concerning studies and employement of students and graduates.
Secretary: Sarah Kirkegaard Verver,

Representatives on the Academic Council at the Faculty of Social Sciences

International Coordinator