Academic staff

Academic staff at the Department of Sociology, University of Copenhagen

Name Title Job responsibilities Phone E-mail
Anna Ilsøe Associate Professor Private sector collective agreements at local level; management-employee cooperation - private sector; working hours; labour market organisations +4535323212 E-mail
Carsten Strøby Jensen Associate Professor Labour Market, employment relations, industrial relations, European Community and integration theory, political sociology +4535323944 E-mail
Christian Lyhne Ibsen Associate Professor Collective bargaining; trade unions and employer associations; comparative political economy; vocational education; equality and efficiency. +4535323904 E-mail
Henrik Christian Højstrøm Part-time Lecturer   E-mail
Hilda Rømer Christensen Associate Professor Gender, Gender equality, Gender dimensioning, China, Globalization, Welfare, Innovation +4535323943 E-mail
Inge Kryger Pedersen Associate Professor Social Theory, Sociology of Health, Knowledge, Expertise, Body and Culture. +4535323229 E-mail
Jakob Johan Demant Associate Professor Youth, alcohol and drug research, criminality, mixed methods, focus groups, cultural sociology, cryptomarkets, Prevention, Situational crime preven... +4535321584 E-mail
Jens Arnholtz Associate Professor Labour migration/foreign workers; EU-level labour market regulation +4535323214 E-mail
Jørgen Elm Larsen Associate Professor Social policy, poverty, marginalization, social exclusion and activation +4535323266 E-mail
Lars Pico Geerdsen Part-time Lecturer   E-mail
Lasse Suonperä Liebst Associate Professor   E-mail
Margaretha Järvinen Professor Marginalized groups, alcohol and drug research, sociological theory, qualitative methods +4535323274 E-mail
Mikael Carleheden Associate Professor Social theory, Theory of science +4535323286 E-mail
Mikkel Mailand Head of Research Collective bargaining in the public sector; corporatism and tripartite relations; EU-level labour market regulation; non-standard employment. +4535323277 E-mail
Nana Wesley Hansen Associate Professor Collective bargaining rounds in the public sector; public sector cooperation and negotiation at local level; labour migration/foreign workers +4535323444 E-mail
Steen Erik Navrbjerg Associate Professor Cooperation and management in MNCs; employers organisations; management and distance work during corona; value chains and employment relations. +4535323279 E-mail
Søren Kaj Andersen Head of Centre, Associate Professor Collective bargaining rounds in the private sector; labour migration/foreign workers; labour market organisations +4535323269 E-mail
Torsten Geelan Marie Curie Fellow +4535321112 E-mail
Yosef Kamal Ibssa Part-time Lecturer Globalisation +4535324502 E-mail