16 March 2020

Intimacy and visual communication in social media: Journal of media and communication research

Associate Professor Jakob Johan Demant, PhD Fellow Sidsel Harder, Professor Claire Maxwell and Master’s student Julie Johanne Vittet Bentzen from the Department of Sociology have all contributed to the latest issue of ‘Journal of media and communication research’ (in Danish MedieKultur) from February 2020. The current issue (Year 36, No. 67) focuses on intimacy and visual communication in social media.

In their paper ‘”Tailored pornography” – Content, context and consent in young women’s sexting’, Sidsel Harder, Julie Johanne Vittet Bentzen, Jakob Johan Demant and Claire Maxwell draw on 17 qualitative interviews with women aged 18–22 to explore how sexting practices relate to views on and uses of pornography.

In addition, Jakob Demant has contributed to the editing of the current edition of the journal as well as co-writing the introductory editorial article with Anne Mette Thorhauge, associate professor at the Department of Communication at the University of Copenhagen, and Stinne Gunder Strøm Krogager, associate professor at Aalborg University.

The journal is published by the Society of Media Researchers In Denmark (SMID) and aims to contribute to critical reflection and the development of theories and methods within media and communication research. All articles have open access.

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