19 September 2023

Sociological Foundations of Education

Professor Claire Maxwell has led the writing and editing of the book Sociological Foundations of Education - the most recent and authoritative analysis of the field of sociology of education. It was commissioned by Bloomsbury, as is one of six volumes examining how foundational disciplines have studied education. 

Frontpage of the book

This book illustrates how education is a central structuring mechanism in shaping societies. Education is defined in its broadest sense – as occurring within families, communities and provided by institutions. The purposes of formal education are contested and these contestations are shaped by, and in turn shape, broader power relations locally, nationally and globally. The various contributions in the volume review the empirical research and theoretical lenses that allow us to understand how stratification occurs within education, what kinds of knowledges and subjects are valorised, how globalization has affected education provision and governance, and the role of teachers, families and other key stakeholders in these processes.

Professor Maxwell led the curation of the book, ensuring contributions from around the world, as well as lead authoring the first chapter which offers a history of the field, an introduction to the key theorists, and future questions for scholarship.

The book is part of Bloomsbury's Educational Foundations series. Read more on the publisher's website: Sociological Foundations of Education