Copenhagen Centre for Political Mobilisation and Social Movement Studies (CoMMonS)

The Copenhagen Centre for Politial Mobilisation and Social Movement Studies produces systematic research on mobilisation, protest, citizenship and political engagement in Denmark and internationally. 

International Fridays for Future in Aachen
International Fridays for Future. Photo: Roland Geisheimer/attenzione

Today’s democracy is shaped by struggles of historic labor and women’s movements. In recent years, new pro-democracy movements and the Global Climate Justice Movement have emerged.

How does protest succeed to spark social change? How do activists communicate through digital media? CoMMonS research addresses these questions through systemic analysis. The activities include invited lectures, digital conferences, workshops, and externally funded interdisciplinary research projects.

International symposium

End of April 2020, CoMMonS was hosting an international symposium with a long list of speakers discussing social movements and political mobilisation in times of global pandemic. Watch the three short video introductions  with statements from some of the more than 100 participants. Find also the full videoes from all sessions in the column to the right.

Introduction to the debate on welfare

Introduction to the debate on climate change

Introduction to the debate on democracy




















































































Name Title Phone E-mail
Abrahamson, Peter Associate professor +45 353-23941 E-mail
Carleheden, Mikael Associate professor +45 353-23286 E-mail
Carlsen, Hjalmar Alexander Bang Postdoc +45 81 93 62 71 E-mail
Doerr, Nicole Associate professor +45 353-35057 E-mail
Henkel, Heiko Associate professor, head of studies +45 353-24456 E-mail
Krarup, Troels Magelund Postdoc +45 353-37693 E-mail
Krøijer, Stine Associate professor +45 353-21581 E-mail
Milman, Noa Marie Curie Fellow +45 353-28015 E-mail
Swider, Sarah Christine Associate professor +45 353-33318 E-mail
Toubøl, Jonas Postdoc +45 353-23268 E-mail


Associate Professor Nicole Doerr
Department of Sociology
University of Copenhagen

Nicole Doerr is head of the centre.

Latest news from the project

Some of the interventions at the CoMMonS webinar on Social Movements in times of Global Pandemic on April 29-30 are already published in research journals, others are forthcoming.

Read Geoffrey Pleyers' article 'The Pandemic is a battlefield. Social movements in the COVID-19 lockdown' in the Journal of Civil Society.

Web symposium

On 27-28 April 2020 the Department of Sociology at University of Copenhagen was hosting a web symposium titled 'Social Movements and Political Mobilisation in Times of Global Pandemic'.

The full programme can be downloaded here (PDF).

Below you can watch videos from the individual panels in full length.

Panel 1: Vulnerable voices, strikes, protests: Solidarity ‘locked down’?

Panel 2: Theory and Social Movements in Times of Pandemic

Panel 3: Civil society responses to pandemic

Panel 4: Social Movements Organizing and Endurance

Panel 5: Climate Justice activism in times of Pandemic

Panel 6: Visual mobilization, digital media, and conflicts about migration

Panel 7: Democratic Legitimacy and Public Debate in times of Pandemic

Panel 8: Intersectionality, Migration, Struggles for Citizenship

Panel 9: Debate: what pathways should societies take now and following the pandemic?