18 August 2022

Sociology is ready with a new shared ambition for inclusion and diversity


At the Department of Sociology, there is now agreement on what it should be like to work and study at the department in the future. The shared ambition is part of Project Dignity, which focuses on creating greater inclusion and diversity across the Faculty of Social Sciences.

Students at CSS
Photo: Sara Galbiati

An open and inclusive culture. Transparent organisational and governing structures. A plural and respectful work environment. This is the ambition for how employees and students will experience the Department of Sociology in the future.

With its associated focus points, the ambition is the result of a series of joint workshops and meetings during the spring and summer of 2022. The department's employees have discussed how to ensure greater inclusion and diversity as part of Project Dignity (see box).

The ambition consists of three themes, each with a number of specific focus areas: In order to ensure an open and inclusive culture, the department aims, for example, to create social spaces where colleagues and students/lecturers can meet informally. In order to create transparent organisational and governing structures, the aim is to develop and support the role of the PI in terms of project and people management. To ensure a plural and respectful work environment, one of the priorities is to develop the meeting culture at the department.

Together with the ambition, which can be read in its entirety here, a comprehensive catalogue of ideas has also been produced.

The department will now continue to work on focus points as well as the specific ideas, so that during autumn the ambition can be implemented and made visible in daily life among staff and students.


Benedikte Brincker
Head of Department, Department of Sociology

Email: bebr@soc.ku.dk 
Telephone: +45 35 32 14 15
Mobile: +45 21 18 07 36


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