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Professors and Associate Professors

NameTitleJob responsibilitiesPhoneE-mail
Abrahamson, PeterAssociate professor Comparative welfare systems, social policy, labor market policies, European Union, Latin America, East Asia +45 353-23941E-mail
Andersen, Søren KajHead of centre Collective bargaining rounds in the private sector; labour migration/foreign workers; labour market organisations +45 353-23269E-mail
Arnholtz, JensAssociate professor Labour migration/foreign workers; EU-level labour market regulation +45 353-23214E-mail
Baarts, CharlotteAssociate professor, head of studies Knowledge production, Sociology of Science, Ekspertice, Learning, Sociology of education, Research-based learning, Risk, Autoethnography, Ethnography, Qualitative methods +45 353-23298E-mail
Blok, AndersAssociate professor Associate Professor, 'Head of CEVES' +45 353-23577E-mail
Bruun, Hans HenrikAffiliate Professor Max Weber; methodology; sociology and international relations +45 353-23947E-mail
Carleheden, MikaelAssociate professor Social theory, Theory of science +45 353-23286E-mail
Christensen, Hilda RømerAssociate professor Gender, Gender equality, Gender dimensioning, China, Globalization, Welfare, Innovation +45 353-23943E-mail
Demant, Jakob JohanAssociate professor Youth, alcohol and drug research, criminality, mixed methods, focus groups, cultural sociology, cryptomarkets, Prevention, Situational crime prevention, Criminology +45 353-21584E-mail
Doerr, NicoleAssociate professor Democracy, Deliberation, Culture, Participation, Gender, Intersectionality, Transnational and Global Sociology, Migration, Linguistic Diversity, Transnational Social Movements, LGBT Rights Coalitions, Social Media, Political Sociology, Comparison, U.S./EU, Right Wing Populism, Visual Methods +45 353-35057E-mail
Halkier, BenteProfessor, Head of PhD programme Consumption, contestation of food, everyday life practices, qualitative methods +45 353-35044E-mail
Hansen, JanusHead of department Governance, Expertise, Science and Technology, Risk, Public Participation, Biotechnology +45 353-36937E-mail
Hansen, Nana WesleyAssociate professor Leave. Collective bargaining rounds in the public sector; public sector cooperation and negotiation at local level; labour migration/foreign workers +45 353-23444E-mail
Hechter, Michael NormanProfessor Rational choice sociology, nationalism, sociological theory, group formation, political sociology, cooperation +45 353-32037E-mail
Holm, AndersProfessor Quantitative methods, stratification, health and labor market outcomes, rational choice, educational choice +45 353-24507E-mail
Ibsen, Christian LyhneAssociate professor Collective bargaining in the private sector; employment relations mediation systems; labour market organisations +45 353-23904E-mail
Ilsøe, AnnaAssociate professor Company-level bargaining; digital labour markets; working hours; labour market segmentation, private sector +45 353-23212E-mail
Jensen, Carsten StrøbyAssociate professor Labour Market, employment relations, industrial relations, European Community and integration theory, political sociology +45 353-23944E-mail
Järvinen, MargarethaProfessor  Marginalized groups, alcohol and drug research, sociological theory, qualitative methods +45 353-23274E-mail
Jæger, Mads MeierProfessor Social mobility, social inequality, econometrics, education, cultural consumption, rational choice, physical attractiveness +45 353-23284E-mail
Karlson, Kristian BerntAssociate professor Educational stratification, social mobility, quantitative methods +45 353-21588E-mail
Larsen, Jørgen ElmAssociate professor Social policy, poverty, marginalization, social exclusion and activation +45 353-23266E-mail
Larsen, Trine PernilleAssociate professor EU-level labour market regulation; elderly and family policies; shop stewards; labour market segmentation +45 353-24514E-mail
Lindegaard, Marie RosenkrantzAssociate professor  +45 353-31907E-mail
Mailand, MikkelResearch manager Collective bargaining rounds in the public sector; tripartite cooperation in employment policy and other polciy areas; EU-level labour market regulation; non-standard employment +45 353-23277E-mail
Navrbjerg, Steen ErikAssociate professor Management-employee cooperation and negotiation - private and public sector; the impact of multinational corporations on negotiation and cooperation; shop stewards and health & safety representatives; local unions +45 353-23279E-mail
Pedersen, Inge KrygerAssociate professor Social Theory, Sociology of Health, Knowledge, Expertise, Body and Culture. +45 353-23229E-mail