Professors and Associate Professors Emeritus – University of Copenhagen

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Professors and Associate Professors Emeritus

Allan Michael MadsenAssociate professor emeritus +45 353-23283E-mail
Charlotte BlochAssociate professor emeritus +45 353-23236E-mail
Heine AndersenProfesor emeritus +45 353-23296E-mail
Henning BechProfesor emeritus +45 33 13 83 65E-mail
Jesper Jørgen DueProfesor emeritus +45 353-23942E-mail
Jørgen Steen MadsenProfesor emeritus +45 353-23293E-mail
Margareta BertilssonProfesor emeritus +45 353-23275E-mail
Peter GundelachProfesor emeritus +45 353-23285E-mail