Social drivers and barriers for climate-friendly diet

Changing the food routines of more Danes into a more plant-based kind of food could contribute to decreasing the climate footprint of Denmark.


The purpose of a new research project is to shed light upon possibilities and obstacles for changing food into more plant-based food in the everyday lives of Danes.

The project looks into the mundane food practices, social norms and social interaction around food.  In the project, we investigate the quantitative distribution of plant-based eating among Danes in general. We also investigate qualitatively the specific dynamics among Danes aged 18-30 years, who have experiences with more climate-friendly and plant-based food routines. For example, we look into what they eat,and  how they handle their food routines in relation to their social network.















Name Title Phone E-mail
Bente Halkier Professor, Head of PhD programme +4535335044 E-mail
Thomas Bøker Lund Associate Professor +4535336861 E-mail

Funded by:

Velux Foundations

Social drivers and barriers for climate-friendly diet has received a three year funding from The Velux Foundations.

Project: Social drivers and barriers for climate-friendly diet
Period:  2020-2022


Professor Bente Halkier
Department of Sociology
Telefon: 35 33 50 44