Quantifying institutional and country-related Matthew effects in science

Combining methods from computational social science, bibliometric data and quasi-experimental designs, this project will examine how institutional and country-related status effects shape the reception and uptake of scientific work.

The project will contribute novel insights to longstanding debates on the prevalence of status biases and cumulative advantages tied to geographical and institutional locations in the science system. Ultimately, the goal is to inform policy discussions on how to develop more open and reflexive evaluation systems in science, where researchers’ capabilities, not their scholarly affiliations, determine future success.


Name Title Billede
Søg i Name Søg i Title
Claudia Acciai Postdoc Billede af Claudia Acciai
Mathias Wullum Nielsen Associate Professor - Promotion Programme Billede af Mathias Wullum Nielsen



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The project is funded by the Carlsberg Foundation.

Project: Quantifying institutional and country-related Matthew effects in science.
Period:  2020-2023.
Funded by: Carlsberg Foundation [CF19-0566].


Mathias Wullum Nielsen (PI), Associate Professor,
Department of Sociology, University of Copenhagen,
Mail: mwn@soc.ku.dk
Phone: 61684557