Family background and returns to education

Education is widely seen as benefitting individuals in terms of their economic life prospects. But do all benefit equally from education? This project examines this question, focusing on differences across social background and across periods in the development of the Danish welfare state.

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The project examines how the labor market returns to schooling varies across social background and whether this pattern in the returns to schooling has changed with the rise of the comprehensive Danish welfare state.

The project is based on data from virtually all twins born in Denmark from 1931 through 1979. The project tests the hypothesis that over time social background should play less of a role in determining the labor market benefits that people reap from education. The project is expected to provide new insights into the way we think about education as a promoter of social mobility.



















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Kristian Bernt Karlson Associate Professor - Promotion Programme +4535321588 E-mail
Mads Meier Jæger Professor +4535323284 E-mail

Funded by:

Independent Research Fund Denmark

The project is funded by the Independent Research Fund Denmark (Danmarks Frie Forskningsfond)

Project: Family background and returns to education
Period:  2018-2022


Kristian Bernt Karlson (PI)
Department of Sociology
Telefon: 35 32 15 88

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