3 April 2019

European Union Politics: Neo-functionalism

Associate Professor of Sociology Carsten Strøby Jensen has contributed to the book European Union Politics (eds. Michelle Cini & Nieves Pérez-Sólorzano Borragán) with a chapter on ‘Neo-functionalism’.

In the chapter, Carsten Strøby Jensen presents an overview on one the major theoretical positions within European integrations theory. ‘Neo-functionalism’ is one of the traditional grand theories in integration theory. The chapter introduces the main concepts and ideas within neo-functionalist theory like ‘spillover’, ‘elite theory’, and ‘the importance of non-state actors in international politics’.  Carsten Strøby Jensen also discusses to what extent neo-functionalist theory can be used to understand newer developments within the European Union, e.g. like the Brexit process and its consequences for the European integration process. European Union Politics is an edited volume presenting chapters on different aspects of European politics written by experts from a number of universities in Europe and Northern America. It is widely used by researchers and students of Europe and European integration.

Carsten Strøby Jensen, Neo-functionalism, European Union Politics, eds. Michelle Cini & Nieves Pérez-Sólorzano Borragán, Oxford University Press, 6th edition, 2019.