Submitting the dissertation

The PhD dissertation should be submitted to the faculty’s PhD Secretariat. The guidelines for submission and assessment are regulated by the 2013 regulations. As of 2013 the submission requires the following:

  1. Submit the thesis by sending a pdf file to
  2. Summary in Danish and English (this is a requirement under the 2013 regulations)
  3. If necessary, co-authorship declarations
  4. Supervisor statement in Danish and English (to be used to supplement your doctoral certificate) - see outline in the process evaluation form

You need to notify the Head of the PhD  program and the PhD secretary a couple of weeks before you submit in order to be sure that you have understood the procedure properly! The Head of the PhD  program can then begin to find members for the evaluation committee. The alternative is that this process begins after the thesis is submitted. Once the committee is selected and the thesis submitted it will be two months before the assessment has to be ready.

The assessment committee consists of a chairman from the department and two external associate or full professors from other universities. At least one of them is from outside Denmark. The committee must be approved no later than the dissertation is turned in. Usually the process is that the supervisor suggests a committee to the Head of the PhD  program, which asks the Dean for final approval.