Index of committees

University of Copenhagen’s Research and Innovation Council

This council is responsible for identifying and pursuing the university’s strategic development within research, innovation and business collaboration, and for determining how this development is best supported by the organisation. The objective is to secure increased external funding, prioritize how the university should profile its activities externally, and initiate a greater number of collaborative relationships with private and public entities.

PhD Board

The PhD Board is appointed by the Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences and consists of representatives from the academic staff (senior researchers) and PhD student representatives of the five different departments of the faculty. The committee collaborates closely with the Head of the Graduate School of Social Sciences and is responsible for the academic management of this school.

The PhD program Committee

Each department in the Faculty of Social Sciences has a PhD  program Committee, which acts as a consultative body in relation to the PhD Board. Simultaneously, it performs a number of functions that the PhD Board has delegated to the departments. The PhD  program Committee is an advisory body in relation to the PhD  program at the departmental level. The committee is a framework for cooperation between the Head of the PhD  program, the PhD students and the collegial body of supervisors It comprises the Head of the PhD  program, one academic staff member and two PhD students. The committee is a forum where the PhD students can raise issues regarding the PhD  program and can bring new ideas to be discussed. Issues related to the work of the PhD Board at the faculty level are also debated. The committee meets twice each semester or whenever it is needed. Any member of the committee can call a meeting if they deem it necessary.

The collegial body of supervisors

Actual and potential supervisors of the department meet two or three times every semester to discuss matters of supervision.

Head of the PhD program

The academic staff member who heads the PhD  program at department level is presently Bente Halkier.

Department Board

The Department Board advises the Head of Department. Its members are the Head of Department, Head of Studies, Head of Administration, three academic staff representatives, an administrative staff representative, a representative for the PhD fellows and two student representatives.

Collaboration Committee

The Collaboration Committee is a forum for information and discussion between management and staff and aims at optimizing staff involvement in the development of the workplace. Its members are the Head of Department, the Department Administrator, an academic staff representative, a PhD representative, an administrative staff representative and a union representative.

The department’s leader team

The team discusses department business. The team consists of the Head of Department, Vice-Head of Department, Head of Studies, Head of the PhD  program and the Head of Administration.

The Research Groups

There are five Research Groups at the Department of Sociology:

  • Knowledge, uncertainty and trust
  • Welfare and change
  • Sociology of culture
  • Work and organisation
  • Politics and social change


The Research Groups consist of the staff (academic staff + PhDs). They are open. You can be a member of more than one group, but usually you are in the same group as your supervisor. You need to contact the IT staff members who administrate the mailing lists in order to be put on a list. There are also several centers at the department which have their own homepage and a mailing list you can subscribe to <>.