Half-yearly assessment

The assessment requires the student to fill in a document sent via e-mail from the Faculty of Social Sciences. This consists of a cover page (“Half-yearly assessment and process guidance form”) and a “Cumulative process assessment form”. The latter is regularly updated with relevant information. A copy should always be available in the students' group room (KUnet). The rest of the procedure is as follows:

  1. The PhD student meets with their supervisor to discuss completing the forms.
  2. The student fills in the forms. The half-yearly assessment should list the number of meetings with the supervisor, and specify the student’s participation in relevant activities and events. The dates, titles and venues of the events must be clearly stated, as must the nature of the student's participation and the number of ECTS points sought (in accordance with the department's rules for conferring ECTS points).
  3. The student prints out and signs the completed forms (including the process assessment form).
  4. The forms are sent to the supervisor to be approved and signed.
  5. The forms are then sent to the Head of the PhD programme to be approved and signed.

The half-yearly assessment report should be retrospective as well as prospective and used as a tool for planning and developing the student’s PhD education throughout the studies.