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Stine Møllegaard

Stine Møllegaard

Assistant professor

My research interests are diverse and usually interdisciplinary. I am generally interested in genetic, biological, behavioral, and social processes generating inequality in education and differences in cultural consumption. For examples: I incorporate genetics into sociological studies of inequality in education, for example by studying how genes affect education (through behavioral problems, personality, and cognitive skills). I study how prenatal nurture affects later life behavioral problems. I study how cultural capital affect educational success and how education affects cultural consumption. Common to all my research adventures is a quantitative methodological approach.

I am currently focusing on cultural consumption, and how genetics and environments shape our cultural preferences and activities. Why do some people prefer going to the opera while others prefer slapstick comedy at the local theatre? What about the people who prefer neither or all of it? And what consequences do differences in people’s cultural preferences and participation have for overall social inequality? We are collecting data on twins in Denmark to explore these questions, as a part of a research project MoMo (”Mozart with Mom - Family Background, Cultural Participation, and Social Inequality”, PI: Professor Mads Meier Jæger), funded by the Velux foundation.  

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