The Scandinavian social service state in comparison

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Scandinavian welfare will be compared to the development in the rest of Western Europe with a view to the future. The break-down of total social expenditure on transfers and services reveals that the Scandinavian countries have a significantly larger share of social resources communicated in the form of personal social services. The Scandinavian countries are affected by the consequences of globalization, and that the “Scandinavian model of welfare” so far it has existed, in the future will take on a more mixed character. In the Scandinavian countries, the public sector pays a larger share and the employers a smaller share. When discussing perspectives of Scandinavian welfare in a European context, it is, however, unavoidable to dig into the welfare modeling business, since future solidarities are already being thematized with reference to different regimes. Market imperatives are reflected; but the solutions recommended are not of a universal, Scandinavian Model type.
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Title of host publicationSocial Care Services : The Key to the Scandinavian Welfare Model
EditorsJorma Sipilä
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