Nicole Doerr

Nicole Doerr

Associate Professor

PhD European University Institute

Committee members:

Donatella della Porta (Supervisor EUI), Klaus Eder (Co-Supervisor, Humboldt University of Berlin), Francesca Polletta (UC-Irvine, Peter Wagner (EUI, Florence).

Previous positions:

2010-12 Marie Curie Postdoc UC Irvine & Harvard University Ash Center For Democratic Governance and Innovation Democracy Postdoctoral Fellowship

2013-16 Assistant Professor, International Relations, affiliated to Sociology, Mount Holyoke Liberal Arts College, Massachusetts, Five Colleges Research Group on Social Movements

Research visits:

2023 Visiting Fellow, Goethe Universität & PRIF, Excellence Cluster Initiative ConTrust—Trust in Conflict

2021 Senior Fellow, Käthe Hamburger Kolleg/Centre for Global Cooperation Research, University of Duisburg

2019 Visiting Professor, Göteborg University, Department of Sociology and Department of Global Studies (short term)


Current and completed EU-Research projects:
2022-2025 Principle Investigator, CHANSE-Horizon Europe Project “PolarVis: Visual Persuasion in a Transforming Europe”
2019-23 Principle Investigator, Horizon Europe-NORFACE Democratic Governance in a Turbulent Age Programme: ExId Project: "Extreme Identities" computer based analysis of digital storytelling of European Far-Right Online Communities’ Politics of Identity

2016-18 Principle Investigator Horizon Europe co-fund Project "Translate Diversity" Voices, solidarity, and political claims by female and LGBTQI refugees in public debates about gender and migration" (EU-IPODI), in cooperation with Sabine Hark, TU Berlin.

2010-13 International Outgoing Fellowship, Marie Curie Postdoc "Translate Democracy" (EU-FP7-IOF), in cooperation with Francesca Polletta, University of California, Irvine.


  1. Nicole Doerr, Translating Rights of Nature and Hope for Planetary Transition: Climate Activists as Intersectional Brokers connecting Translocal Publics. Cambridge Elements Manuscript under preparation.
  2. Nicole Doerr, 2018. Political Translation—How Social Movement Democracies Survive. Cambridge/New York: Cambridge University Press. Contentious Politics Series.
  3. Nicole Doerr, Alice Mattoni and Simon Teune. eds, 2013 Towards the Visual Analysis of Social Movements. Research Series on Conflict, Social Movements, and Political Change (3)35. Bingley: Emerald.

Special issues (editor)

  1. “Black Lives Matter and the New Wave of Anti-Racist Mobilizations in Europe”, Special issue in European Journal of Cultural and Political Sociology, 10:4 co-edited with Jean Beaman, Piotr Kocyba, Anna Lavizzari, Sabrina Zajak. Read online:
  2. Special issue “Visual intervention and the (re)enactment of democracy.”, co-edited by Nicole Doerr and Anna Schober, Visual Studies, published on Jan 2, 2024
  3. Special issue “Activism, Agency, and Acts of Translating Gendered Belongings and Concepts.” European Journal of Politics and Gender, 7:1 co-edited by Nicole Doerr and Susanne Zwingel, Jan 2024. Read the Introduction

Peer-reviewed journal articles (selection)

  1. Doerr, Nicole (2024). Translation as a cultural tool for mediating conflict in queer and feminist grassroots democratic coalitions in Denmark, Germany and Sweden. European Journal of Politics and Gender7(1), 45-64.
  2. Nicole Doerr, and Eva Svatonova (2023a). “Despised, Feared, Emphasised or Hegemonic—Far Right Digital Images of Womanhood on US Telegram Channels” European Journal of Politics and Gender. open access here.
  3. Nicole Doerr, and Janus Porsild Hansen (2024). “Climate translators” building trust and local democratic cooperation on green transition: Denmark and Germany. International Journal of Comparative Sociology, Open access pre-print here. Online first.

  4. Nicole Doerr, with Eva Svatonova (2023b) “How Anti-LGBTQI* and Anti-Gender Imaginary Translate Great Replacement Theories Online” European Journal of Politics and Gender. Special Issue Activism, Agency, and Acts of Translating Gendered Belongings and Concepts. Open access here.
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Contributions to edited volumes (selection)

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