Global Challenges, Local Solutions?

- Rethinking Professional Work in a World of Transnational Jurisdictions

The overall purpose of this research project is to address a central and still unsettled problem in contemporary sociology: how to account for the interplay of transnational professionals and the organization of professional knowledge at national and local levels. The project aims to empirically explore and theoretically explain how the making and dissemination of transnational standards is linked to the way professional groups in the Danish context propose and sustain solutions to large-scale challenges of climate change, low economic growth rates, and chronic lifestyle diseases. Our distinct contribution will be to develop a ‘cross-jurisdictional’ (cf. Abbott 1988)  model and approach which allows us to advance the understanding of how professional groups drive local-national governance engagements with urgent global challenges.

Project team

Associate professor Anders Blok (PI)
Associate professor Inge Kryger Pedersen
Postdoctoral researcher Maria Duclos Lindstrøm
PhD student Marie Leth Meilvang

The project is anchored at the Center for the Sociological Study of Science, Expertise and Society, CEVES, headed by Anders Blok.