Young people, drugs and alcohol (YODA) – a 10-year longitudinal study

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Project period: From 2005 to 2018

The project was a longitudinal study, encompassing survey and register data as well as qualitative interviews. The first wave of data collection included a survey sent to a representative sample of 2.000 15 year olds in 2005, and a survey with their parents. Furthermore, focus group interviews were conducted with young people as well as parents of teenagers. At the second wave of data collection (in 2008) the same youths were contacted again, and the study population was enlarged with 3.000 17-19-year olds. The 2008 study also included interviews with young people who had experience of more intense drug use. The third wave of data collection was conducted in 2015 when the youths were 25/26 years old.

The 2005 and 2008 surveys were linked to administrative registers at Statistics Denmark. Hereby high-quality data on the respondents’ educational level and school performance, unemployment and welfare dependency, crime, addiction treatment etc. could be related to their drinking and drug use trajectories. Furthermore, qualitative interviews were conducted with a sample of young adults who reported a higher than average alcohol consumption in the survey.




































The project was funded by:

ROCKWOOL foundation

The project was supported by ROCKWOOL foundation, Denmark.

Project: Young people, drugs and alcohol (YODA)
Principal investigator: Margaretha Järvinen
Start: 2005
End: 2018