Nordic drug dealing on social media (NDDSM)

Medicin kapsler
Foto: Colourbox

Project period: June 1, 2017 to December 1, 2018

With the rise of the cryptomarkets for illicit drugs, a growing academic interest in dark web drug distribution has followed. However, online drug distribution is not isolated to the dark web as services on the clear web historically have offered a variety of substances and continue to do so. Additionally to the researched open markets on e.g. research chemicals, legal highs, and prescription medicine, we have identified a rise in the use of social media platforms for distribution of illicit drugs.

Little is known on how widespread such selling is, to what extent different social media platforms are involved, or which modi operandi are used.


































The project was funded by:

Nordic Research Council for Criminology

Nordic drug dealing on social media (NDDSM) was funded by Nordic Research Council for Criminology.

Project: Nordic drug dealing on social media (NDDSM)
Principal investigator: Jakob Demant
Start: June 1, 2017
End: December 1, 2018