Food, convenience and sustainability (FOCAS)

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Project period: 2014-2017

The FOCAS project was a comparative research project across Denmark, Germany, Sweden and UK.

The FOCAS project aimed to answer four research questions: how ‘convenience food’ is understood by consumers and how its use relates to understandings of ‘healthy eating’ and environmental sustainability; with what specific practices (shopping, cooking, eating, disposing) convenience food is associated; how such foods are incorporated within different household contexts and domestic routines; and to what extent current practices are subject to change (towards more sustainable and healthier practices).

The four work packages in the research focused on processed baby-food and everyday feeding practices; the healthiness and sustainability of supermarket ready-meals; canteen food and work-place food geographies; and the convenience and sustainability of meal-box schemes.
























The project was funded by:


FOCAS has received a three year funding from ERA-Net SUSFOOD (European Commission)

Project: Food, convenience and sustainability (FOCAS)
PI for the Danish part of the project: Bente Halkier
Start: 2014
End: 2017