Silje Bakken

Silje Bakken

PhD fellow

My research area is the digitalization of illegal drug markets and the use of digital qualitative methods. I am currently working on my PhD on online drug dealing, more specifically the use of social media and darknet to sell and buy illegal drugs. Within this topic, I focus on how the digitalization affects the actors' communication among themselves and their self presentation. I am particularly interested in how market participants perform and perceive trust through visual images and self presentations in profiles. I mainly use qualitative methods like digital etnography and digital interviewing, but also social network analysis and visual analysis.

Having a background in criminology also makes me interested in most crime related topics. I have earlier worked with young people and substance use, which is still a part of my research interest as well.

I am also responsible for the course "Understanding Crime and Criminal Justice" where I teach about different understandings of crime based on criminological theories and research.

Fields of interest

Online drug dealing, social media, cryptomarkets, crime, delinquency, youth, qualitative methods, criminology, substance use, drug dealing, drug markets, trust

Primary fields of research

Crime, youth, Internet, social media

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