Claire Maxwell

Claire Maxwell


Member of:

    Office hours for spring semester 2022: Wednesdays from 12-13 in room 16.1.39

    Primary fields of research

    • Sociology of education
    • Globally mobile professionals / the global middle classes
    • Elites and elite education
    • Internationalisation of education
    • Social justice in privileging spaces

    Current research

    Project Onboard Denmark - innovating onboarding of international specialist in Danish SMEs

    Creating an evidence-based and sustainable ‘360 Onboarding Package’ of resources that will facilitate the recruitment and retention of international specialists in Denmark, with a focus on innovation and export growth within SMEs. Partnership with five non-academic organisations.

    Innovation Fund Denmark – Grand Solutions GS20-3 [April 2021- January 2024]

    Project Onboard Denmark website


    Mobility, belonging, and imagined futures: Exploration of globally mobile families in four cities

    Examining how children, who live in families where at least one parent is a high-skilled professional relocating regularly for work, experience mobility. The focus is on schooling, identification with a ‘home’ nation, narratives of global citizenship and imagined future trajectories.

    Israeli Science Foundation 222/20 International Collaborator working with Professor Miri Yemini [Octoer 2020-October 2023]

    ID: 201662750