Workshop: Reason and Affect in Divided Societies

CAPS and the NOS-HS sponsored research project on "Reason and Affect in Divided Societies: The Nordic Case" is pleased to host a half-day conference with papers from Professor Nils Holtug and Ph.d. Jonas Toubøl.


13.00: Professor Nils Holtug, Department of Media, Cognition and Communication, University of Copenhagen: "Liberal Values and Social Cohesion. Or Why Rawls Was Probably Right."

14.30: Coffee break

14.45: Ph.d. Jonas Toubøl, Department of Sociology, University of Copenhagen: "Intersubjective Ethics in Political Sociology: Sovereign Expressions of Life as Factor in Solidarity Activism."

16.15: Closing reception

The talks are open to the public (no registration needed).