PhD Course: Visual Social Sciences and Digital Media Politics

PhD Course Visual Social Sciences and Digital Media Politics
With keynotes by Profs Anna Schober and Alice Mattoni

The PhD course addresses students interested in conducting empirical research in the fields of visual social science, anthropology, and digital and complex media publics. Connecting the interdisciplinary fields of visual and social science methods, cultural theory, media, anthropology, sociology, and international relations, this course discusses theoretical concepts and concrete empirical tools for PhD students and researchers to investigate visual forms of communication in digital publics and print media, among policy makers and in globalized arenas of politics and protest.

We invite PhD students, postdocs and researchers interested to apply for participation in the PhD course. Deadline for signing up is June 1 and the number of places for participants is limited. PhD students get 5 ECTS if you give a paper (over 10 pages) and 2 ECTS without paper.

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