PhD course: Democratic Resistances in Times of Rightwing Mobilization

May 18 - May 19, 2017

Keynotes by Professor Jane Mansbridge, Harvard University, and Associate Professor Jeffrey Juris, Northeastern University.

This PhD course addresses students interested in theories of democracy, political participation, and resistance studies. The course draws on an interdisciplinary field of methods in sociology, anthropology, and political science. Our starting point is activists' search for effective models of cooperation and collective action allowing people from different backgrounds to dialogue and take democratic decisions together in a shifting political environment of backlash, surveillance, and repression.

This gives rise to a number of importat questions: How and to what extend do the current radical movements succeed to multiply and connect to build coalitions to support minorities, migrants, and refugees combining identity and resistance in everyday politics? What political, cultural, and epistemic translation practices do heterogenous coalitions use to work together, and to what degreew do they become "spaces of radical openness" in response to the binary and antagonistic discourses of neo-right populism? Under what conditions do activists succeed to express public dissent as well as organize deliberation and collective action involving allied political parties and institutions?

Keynote lectures and the reading materials for this course will explore the relationship between theories and practices of deliberation, prefigurative democracy, and non-violent resistance, focusing on case studies such asthe refugee solidarity movements in Europe and the anti-Trump protests as well as the Arab Spring, Occupy, and Indignados movements.

During day-one, the course will introduce the participants to cutting edge research from both sides of the Atlantic. During the paper-workshop of day-two, participants will be engaged in discussion on their own research with professors Jane Mansbridge, Harvard University, and Professor Jeffrey Juris, North Eastern University.

We invite PhD students, postdocs and researchers interested to apply for participation in the PhD course. Deadline for signing up is March 30 and the number of places for participants is limited. PhD students get 5 ECTS if you give a paper (over 10 pages) and 2 ECTS without paper.

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The course is an integral part of CAPS's one-day conference on democratic resistance. For more about the conference, click here.