Workshop: Reason and Affect in Divided Societies

This is is the first of three workshops organized by the NOS-HS sponsored research project "Reason and Affect in Divided Societies: The Nordic Case." The primarcy aim of the project is to develop a new framework for analyzing affect and reason in divided societies, using the Nordic countries as a shared point of reference.

The first workshop offers a reassessment of the transformation of the Nordic countries from homogenous entities to deeply divided societies.  Discussions will be based on sociological inquiries, historical research, as well as on case studies of new subjectivities and their (often-divergent) conceptions of citizenship. A key term will be Hannah Arendt’s notion of plurality.

A full program of the workshop will be posted here once available.

Please note that this workshop takes place at the University of Oslo. For more information, please contact Lars Tønder (