Migration, Citizenship, and Social Boundaries

CAPS is pleased to host a one-day workshop on Migration, Citizenship, and Social Boundaries.

The keynote speaker is Gökce Yurdakul who is the Georg Simmel Professor of Diversity and Social Conflict at the Humboldt University and the Chair in the Department of Foundations of Migration Research at the Berlin Institute of Migration and Integration Research. She received her PhD. from the University of Toronto, Department of Sociology and has most recently been a visiting scholar at the Harvard University, Weatherhead Center for International Affairs.

Please note that Professor Yurdakul also is giving a public lecture the day before the workshop.

For more information about the lecture, please see: https://www.sociology.ku.dk/caps/events/public-lecture-by-gkce-yurdakul/

Workshop program:

9.00 Welcome and coffee

9.30 Keynote Lecture by Gökce Yurdakul, Humboldt University: “From Symbolic to Material Boundaries: Excluding Muslim Men from Germany”


Heiko Henkel, University of Copenhagen: “Minority Ethics: Voting and the unequal affordances of national citizenship”

Katrine Syppli Kohl, VIVE: “Making a familial care-worker: gendered barriers to the activation of asylum-seeking women in Denmark”

Per Mouritsen, Aarhus University: “The People’s Rules: A liberal integrationist consensus in attitudes to citizenship acquisition requirements in Scandinavia”

12:30-13:30: Lunch 


Pieter Bevelander, Malmö University: “Does citizenship increase voting?”

Christel Stormhøj, Roskilde University: “The nationalization (and racialization) of gender equality/the gender politics of immigration policy in Denmark”

Deniz Duru, Lund University: “Transnational Turkey: the everyday transnationalism and diversity of Turkish populations in Europe”

15.00-15.15: Coffee break


Kristina Bakkær Simonsen, Aarhus University/Harvard: Paper title tbc.

Nicole Doerr, University of Copenhagen: “Boundary Crossing vs Ethnonationalist Bonding in Public Debates about Migration: Voices and Representations of Queer Refugees”

16:45 Conclusion and Reception