About CAPS

Centre for Anthropological, Political and Social Theory (CAPS) is an interdepartmental initiative hosted by the Faculty of the Social Sciences at the University of Copenhagen. The Centre draws on existing research strengths within anthropology, political science, and sociology, and it seeks to advance the study of social theory, in particular with regard to political culture, public discourse, postmodern subjectivity, performative politics, secularism and religion, global and local activism, and social justice. 

CAPS organizes workshops, seminars, conferences, and guest lectures. CAPS chooses every year a theme related to ongoing research in anthropological, political, and social theory. Our current theme is “Reason and Affect in the Social Sciences.” Future themes may include “The Normal and the Pathological,” “The Art of Theorizing,” and “The New Inequality.” 

CAPS is open to all Ph.D.-students, postdocs, and faculty members with an interest in anthropological, political, and social theory. CAPS also welcomes interested students and scholars working outside the University of Copenhagen. To join CAPS, please contact the centre’s co-directors.  

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