2 December 2019

Sociologists to investigate experiences with climate-friendly food

Changing the food routines of more Danes into a more plant-based kind of food could contribute to decreasing the climate footprint of Denmark. The purpose of a new research project is to shed light upon possibilities and obstacles for changing food into more plant-based food in the everyday lives of Danes.

- Among other things, we look into the mundane food practices, social norms and social interaction around food. We will talk to young Danes aged 18-30 years, who have experiences with more climate-friendly and plant-based food routines and look into for example what they eat, and the reactions they get, says Bente Halkier, professor at the Department of Sociology, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Copenhagen.

Qualifies ‘green conversation dinners’

 The project is a collaboration between Department of Sociology, University of Copenhagen, and Denmark’s Green Think-tank, CONCITO, and is supported by the Velux Foundations. The research results will be used to qualify a new citizen-including project under CONCITO, “Green conversation dinners”. The research results will also qualify the input from CONCITO into institutional, business-oriented and political initiatives for action in collaboration with a large number of relevant organizations from the environmental area and the food area.